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Hello Sharon,

I really like the paths of your thoughts in this post. This sign is definitely "different" and it probably attracts attention more than "just another sign" would do. Great food for thoughts for us whether in marketing or communications.

Besides that... you mention that the waters might be alien infested. I'd like to point out that these aliens could as well be there to help, right! ;)

And what if, Edward Munch anticipated that one day someone might be walking on a bridge, listening to his ipod and gently singing?

Oh, yes, you're right!:-) The aliens could be friendly and there to help!

That's alien prejudice for you--assuming that if there were aliens in the water that they're there waiting to get us!

I should have known you of all people would point that out. Thank you for reminding me--some aliens are charming and friendly. :-)

Great post, Sharon! And short! Creating surprise is EXACTLY what it is all about ... Seth calls it being remarkable. But you know what, if you also build upon Seth's "permission marketing" fundamentals, "surprising marketing" opens the door for you -- you get permission by doing something that creates genuine interest and curiosity. You gain permission from your consumers because you have invited them into an experience that is unlike any other ... and at that point, the dialogue can begin.

Yes, that's an excellent point Gavin!

The light is dawning now--doing something that's remarkable (creating surprise) makes folks take notice of you and perk their ears up. They're interested because they don't know what you're going to do and say (you're not predictable). Instead of feeling like you're taking up their time trying to sell them something, the consumer feels like it's an equal exchange. They *want* to be there in that dialogue with you.

I like that form of marketing. It's much more creative, and you feel like a real relationship is being established.

BTW--It's oh-so-helpful to have folks who actually do marketing for a living reading and commenting on this. I'm really just stumbling about trying to figure this marketing stuff out on the sly and sometimes I wonder if I've even got it right.

Like what Seth says, "Marketing--Figure it out or go home!". Thanks for helping me figure it out.:-)

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