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Hello Sharon,

Had a very busy week, so I just discovered your post today. I completely agree with you. Marketing, as well as communication, is all about being "human" rather than sales terminators. Remembering it is essential. But you're also right when you point that there is a cultural sensitivity to verbal friendliness. One same situation and/or expression can have totally different meanings, depending on the people involved. In Europe it can be very complicated to handle because of the mixed cultures.

But I guess our 7th sense should hopefully tell us when to or when not to, right.

This said, humour also helps communication if and when used in an appropriate manner. That's something I personnaly enjoy a lot. It helps push stress away and brings smiles to the faces... which is always very nice. ; )

As a conclusion, I will risk, well... if you allow me, naturally... eerrrr, I mean you should read this with a british accent, of course...errrr... ok ok, here we go:

"Fantastic! Brilliant post, Darling!"
; )

Ha! Thank you Luc. Yes, that's the risk we take when communicating across countries and cultures. Something for us to keep in mind, especially since the internet takes our geographic boundaries down and we're left communicating via the written word, which can be easily misconstrued.

I agree with you--humor and friendliness seem to work wonders when trying to connect. We all love to laugh!

BTW--you do a great British accent ;-)!

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