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My job title, "Minister of Enlightenment," has always been confusing to people, though it did get me press when I first adopted it way back when. Since my original responsibilities involved corporate training, I originally emphasized, the "educational" aspect of enlightenment. As I moved into a role that emphasized public speaking on the company's behalf, I emphasized the "getting the word out"/PR side of enlightenment. Now that I'm officially in a marketing function, and maintain a blog focused on marketing careers, I sort of combine the two aspects. Nevertheless, since I still get a lot of questions about blogs - what are they, who writes them, etc. - and the meaning of my title, I fear the my explanations have not been as enlightening as I would have wished.

Matt--I love your title!

"Minister of Enlightenment" is one of the best I've heard! But yes, it also sounds like a lot of pressure too. :-)

For sure, when you're at a cocktail party, when someone asks you what you do and you say "I'm a Minister of Enlightenment", I'm sure you have everyone's undivided attention!

Thanks for chiming in :-)


Most of my family will not read my blog. Strange. I've emailed it to them, told them about it, tried to entice them by describing what I'm writing about.

It's a block about what blogging is. They don't understand it, and there seems to be a lot of fear about it. I wonder what kind of horrible things they think I'm involved in through blogging! ;)

I've let it go trying to get them involved with it. They know where to find me — and my blog — if they're ready to take the plunge.

KG, thanks for chiming in on this.

I totally relate to this. When I started my blog, I was all excited about it. I thought it was so cool. I sent everyone the URL and expected offline folks I know to start showing up, reading and leaving comments and stuff.

To this day, no one that I know offline reads my blog. I think they just think it's a frivolous endeavor or that it's like MySpace or something. I don't know. But it's fine with me that they don't read it--blogging is not their thing, and it's not the sort of thing you can push on folks. Either you're into it or you're not.

I also kind of like that I have a "secret" life (even though it's not a real secret). When you know that no one you know in "real life" is reading your blog, you can write about things in a much freer way, I think.

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