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Elvis Stojko!?!?!? He WAS a bad-boy of skating! It's all coming back to me now...

And the one who would skate on ice and do flips then tear his shirt off? Phillipe Candelaro, of course! ;)

I just read a quote the other day, but I didn't note where I found it. Paraphrased: if you're making EVERYBODY happy, you're doing something wrong.

That made me pause — huh? Doing something wrong? Bad boys definitely don't worry about making everyone happy!

Your Einstein profile is right on --- you're really building a great series on these eccentric, bad-boy visionaries! I especially love #4.

Oh yes--Phillipe Candelaro! How could I forget?! :-)He's the shirtless skater.

You are so right about that you can't make everybody happy, and that it's kind of a waste of energy to try. One thing about these "bad boys" like Leonardo and Einstein (and Elvis Stojko), was that they were rebels, and they were mocked, and they sort of got energized by being a black sheep.

It's like not being accepted by society gave them the courage to take more risks, and taking more risks resulted in more earth shattering creations and discoveries.

It is my secret plan to do as many posts on eccentric, bad boy, visionaries as possible :-)!

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