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Due to funny timing, I actually have one to add! My husband spotted an ad stapled to a telephone pole yesterday on his way to work and had to stop to look at it. It's one of those companies where they spell their name in a funky way because they think it looks cool, and he had to check what they were selling to see whether they were a design company (they are) or a nudie magazine company (they aren't): nudezines.com.


Oh Heather--that's hilarious! :-)

It's hard to believe that they don't see that it'll probably be read "Nude Zines" or "Nud Ezines" (wouldn't that be funny--Nud Ezines???")

But alas, their company is NU Dezines. A design firm that just got too clever for their own good :-).

Good eye Heather (and Heather's husband)!

Haha Sharon, those are classic! Hmm, lots of pitfalls for young players.


Call me and I'll explain cummingfirst.com to you. Your blog isn't THAT kind of blog, so I don't think you would appreciate the definition right spelled out here. :-)

Aha, so this gives me a clue as to the "cummingfirst" one. :-) Dawn, thank you for your discreet offer of help in explaining. Yeah, maybe don't want it spelled out here! :-)

Sharon, these are too funny. I love how technology has turned regular company names/slogans into something that's so good for a laugh. Great find!

These are so great and they remind us all to proofread everything. It also reminds me of a Simpson's episode where they were choosing Bart's name. Homer rhymed all of the names he thought of with embarassing rhymes but couldn't come up with one for Bart. We all need to look at everything that we put out there to make sure that it will not come back and bite us.

Hey Darrell,

That's so funny--now what rhymes with Bart? Kidding! :-)

Very funny! 10 reasons (now 11!) why people should run their domain names past a few people first. Not only to see what others think, but to see what it looks like written out. If it's a .com name, there is probably a good reason why it hasn't been taken :) Sometimes we get so caught up in creating something, we forget what it will look like to the rest of the world.

Hey Loralea,

This is a good point! If it's a .com and it hasn't been taken there just might be a good reason for that! ;-)


Seriously? That person who doesn't understand cummingfirst.com should not search cum at all on the internet. Just keep in mind that he who finishes first in sex doesn't win.


Thank you for sharing your wisdom and explaining that one :-) Laff

One of my favorites is jakesweeney.com. Guy's name is Jake Sweeney, obviously, but his domain name is a little awkward. The name throws you of, but it's a car salesman.

Hi Mike,

Oh, that is classic! I love that :-)

lol expertsexchange took me a minute(I FOUND NOTHING Wrong with it then! I GOT IT.) ..lol
ohh my favorite is penisland :D ...LMAO.

How about Effin Computers ? That name says it all.

Ulitmate collection ... :)

Very funny :)

the best one was www.therapistfinder.com :))

These are all great - you've certainly brought a smile to my face on a busy afternoon so thanks! As for effincomputers.com - I think that myself sometimes lol : )

Thats awesome dude... nice collection.. I knew this expertsexchange..and even I felt that when I read it first...It's very useful for all IT related probs..
my fav is www.whorepresents.com

I forwarded ur blog to all my friends :)

@just08in (twitter)

This made my morning! Thanks for sharing. I guess you get them all now, yeah? Mole Station Native Nursery has been alerted, yeah? Too funny.


Daniel (from Twitter)

Thanks for the good laugh. Speedo Fart was classic. I read a funny article yesterday along the same lines, about a mother of 3 toddlers in Wisconsin (who is a PETA member and vegetarian) that had been denied a vanity license plate that read ILUVTOFU. I guess the state of Wisconsin thought she was trying to say something else with the FU at the end. Could you imagine her in the minivan w/ that license plate. :-) LOL It cracked me up.

What's wrong with Orgasms first? Everybody wants one!!

:)) Great collection .... speedofart is my fav =))

Great post, I've been using these for years in my marketing presentation about how NOT to choose a domain.

Most people choose either by sharing the written form or sharing the verbal form - rarely both.

Explains the majority of the above and phones4u (a UK cell phone Co). Although it looks "cool" it's a FAIL when trying to pass it verbally, the answer to the question "what's your web addy?" being "it's phones4u, that's phones as in P H not F, then 4, that's the number 4, the digit you know? not the word, then it's the letter U"

Four elements required (the domain and the 3 parts) makes it far harder to get across, particularly when networking.

On the domains above - Powergenitalia is a confirmed spoof, PenIsland has been believed to be a spoof for 3 years and SpeedofArt is known by the site owner to be "interesting". A smart move - it got him far more coverage than something bland, ordinary and boring. After all, all those on here now know of it and it'll stick in their brain. Not a fail. Therapistfinder is a tragic FAIL especially bearing in mind the subject of the site.

O.k. so somebody help me with this one. I'm still not getting it: www.therapistfinder.com

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