What Young Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Seth Godin

November 15, 2020 Learning Model

Seth Godin does not need any type of introduction to those people who are fond of his work. All entrepreneurs know that he is a big shot when it comes to starting a business. After all, he is a marketing mogul who is the best when it comes to taking businesses to the next level. In addition, he wrote a ton of books that are for young and old entrepreneurs. There is no shortage of people trying to reach him for advice regarding businesses that they would want to start. After all, we all know that businesses are all a big risk as you don’t know what is going to happen in the future. A pandemic may happen and everything you worked hard for may go down the drain. When you want to find out what young entrepreneurs can learn from Seth Godin, the first thing would be to stop doing things that don’t let you achieve your goals. Of course, it would not hurt to have a vacation every now and then. However, it won’t be smart to do that quite often since it really does not support your goals. Another would be to not compare yourself to big businesses such as Google. Yes, all businesses have their own paths to greatness. Thus, whatever that business did is ironically none of your business as you should just do your own path as that would feel great when you finally succeed. If you don’t then at least you tried.

One thing you can learn from Seth Godin is that it does not mean much to increase your followers on social media. After all, they are not going to buy your product or make use of your service when you reach out to them. They may have other reasons for following your account so better hold off celebrating all night when you reach ten thousand followers. Imagine how many of those people will actually like and comment on your posts. In addition, the author points out is not to quit too early. You must do a lot of effort in order to make a lasting impression on everyone and make it look like you are not a quitter. Your critics will appreciate the fact that you tried to give it a go for several months. Also, better not feel too bad when the people and companies you would want to do business with would reject you at the start. There will come a time when they eventually give in to your request when they see that you came a long way in making your business a big deal. We all know how tough that would be with all the businesses coming out left and right. When that happens, you would want to take note of what Seth Godin said which is to get away from Silicon Valley as far away as possible. It would be great if you don’t really live in the area and a million miles from the place.

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