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How To Keep Your Dog Busy While Working From Home: 5 Tactics For Remote Workers

October 21, 2022 Time Management

Working from home with a dog can be a challenge. They always seem to know when you’re trying to focus and will start barking, whining, or jumping up on your desk. But with a little bit of creativity, you can keep them entertained and out of your way.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your dog engaged and avoid any form of separation anxiety. Let’s dive in:

1. Invest in a few interactive toys to keep your dog occupied and entertained

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Working from home makes it easy for our furry friend to get bored and become distracted. After all, how many times can they watch us type away at the computer or work on our various projects before they start feeling restless? 

Investing in some interactive toys is a good idea to keep most dogs busy and prevent them from becoming a nuisance during your creative process. These simple tools will provide your dog with plenty of stimulation, keeping them interested and busy so that you can work undistracted.

Some great options that dog loves include chew toys, puzzle toys, and treat-dispensing toys. These toys also serve as excellent ways to bond with your dog while encouraging problem-solving skills and physical activity. 

And as an added benefit, many dogs love these brain games – even if it’s just for a few minutes!

So if you want to enjoy the benefits of having a pet while still maintaining productivity at home, investing in a few interactive toys is definitely the way to go!

2. Create a designated space for your dog where they can hang out and relax

When it comes to keeping your dog busy and focused while working from home, creating a designated space for your dog to hang out and relax is the key. 

This provides a calming environment where they can take a break from the action without being too far away that they become distracted. And by giving your dog an outlet for their energy, curiosity, and mental stimulation, you can significantly reduce how much your dog might try to distract you during your work day. 

Whether it is with toys, treats, or a comfy dog bed where they can curl up and nap, creating a space that suits your dog’s unique needs is the best way to keep them happy and entertained while also allowing you to get more done during your workday. 

3. Make time each day to take your dog for a long walk or playtime session in the yard

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As any dog owner knows, dogs can get bored and restless when left alone for long periods of time. This is especially true if you work from home and spend much of your day behind a computer screen. 

If you want to avoid the problems that come with an idle pup, it’s important to make time each day to take your dog for a long walk or playtime session in the yard. Doing this keeps your dog entertained, provides them the needed exercise, and, importantly, fresh air to help them stay sharp and mentally stimulated.

For best results, try to schedule these activities in the morning or afternoon when your dog is most energetic and ready for some fun. And if your work schedule doesn’t allow you to do any of the above, simply hire a dog walker to help you out.

4. Set up a feeding schedule for your furry friend and stick to it as closely as possible

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Another factor to keep in mind when working from home is dedicating adequate time to feeding your dog. Setting up a proper feeding schedule is crucial for ensuring that your pet stays properly nourished and has enough food throughout the day. 

One of the best ways to do this is by setting up a feeding schedule that involves feeding your dog twice per day instead of leaving food out all the time. This helps prevent your dog from overeating and gives them something to do during the day – keeping their mind busy while you work from home. 

Another key consideration when it comes to feeding your dog is how you are providing their meals. Ideally, you should feed them high-quality dog food specifically designed to meet their nutritional needs that will keep them healthy, happy, and in good mental health.

5. Keep any hazardous materials like cleaners and medications locked away and out of reach

Finally, your dog’s safety is another important tip to keep in mind when working from home. To help avoid accidents and other hazardous situations, it is important to keep any potentially dangerous materials locked away and out of reach.

Some tips for how to successfully do this include keeping all cleaning supplies locked away in cabinets or other hard-to-reach places, removing any medications from reach (including over-the-counter medications that might be tempting for your pooch), and making sure that anything fragile is kept out of reach or placed high up on tabletops where dogs can’t reach it. 

Conclusion: How to keep your dog busy while working from home

Working from home with a dog can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Using some of the tips we’ve provided, such as getting a dog walker, and buying dog toys, lets you keep your dog busy and out of trouble.

Doing this provides the mental stimulation needed to keep your dog happy. And don’t forget to take a break yourself every now and then to give your dog some love!

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