The Biggest Ways That People Unknowingly Waste Time

November 20, 2020 Time Management

Today people live their day-to-day lives with a sense of ‘hurry’ to get ‘enough’ time to do everything they had planned. However, many people unknowingly lose a lot of time. Although we all try to be as productive as we can and make the most of every minute, the reality is that there is always some way we can optimize our daily activities to make more efficient use of time.


It’s certainly not surprising that this is the first point we address, and it’s true, one of the ways people unwittingly waste time is on social networks. According to a study conducted by GlobalWebIndex, people on average spend 2 hours and 15 minutes using their social networks. Usually, when we see a notification on our phone, we go almost immediately into the application to see what it is.

Social media has a powerful effect on users that makes them lose track of time, and because of this, people unconsciously spend a lot of time checking them out, just calculating how much time you spend on them during a week or a month.


There are very few people who plan what they are going to do daily, and to make efficient use of the time, one should not be an extremist of planning either, but one should at least have general planning. At this point, we mean from the moment you wake up, you are thinking about what you are going to do next, will I take a bath first or will I have breakfast? And, so I can go on with an endless list all day long.

The lack of planning is something serious, and that makes many people lose time. Without a clear plan of what you will do, you will spend all day considering options and thinking and thinking, and it will take time to make every decision. On the contrary, if you at least do some basic planning, you will have a clearer picture, and this will help you make better use of your time.


Many people have the wrong idea, and that is that we humans can do many tasks at the same time, for example, writing an email, chatting with a colleague, answering a phone call, answering a text message, etc. Surely within a few minutes, you will not remember that you were talking to your colleague, it is very likely that the email is not well written, and so on.

This habit of wanting to do multiple things simultaneously makes us lose time, and we don’t realize it since by not focusing 100% on an activity, we may not do it well, and on more than one occasion, we will have to invest time to do it again. Following the example above, you probably will have to check the email again and correct it, and that will take extra time than if you had done it right the first time, you would not have to spend it on that.

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