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Ok ... now I am jealous. I can't even get my blog reading/writing down to 4 hours ;)

I feel your pain, Gavin:-)

Blog reading/writing is my Achilles heal also. I'm trying to come up with some ways to get a hold of it, such as limiting myself to only 5 posts a week and using the news aggregator--its a never ending work in progress.

I love your blog, BTW. Servant of Chaos is absolutely one of my faves.


Sharon, this is really absolutely brilliant. Can you share what your schedule was like? Is the idea that you write down exactly the number of minutes you are working in order to see your productivity? It's 80% of your 4 hours, right? Were your four hours in the morning? I work two jobs and blog. I just don't see how it is possible for me to do everything in 4 hours esp as I a on a book deadline right now. In fact, I have hired a life coach for a month just to help keep me on track. I know you have said that you have fallen off the wagon on this 4 hour workday a bit. But I just can't tell you how inspiring this is - the thought of it even being possible.

Hi Maryam,

Yes, I have to admit that I'm somewhat addicted to the internet. I have to be on it for work, and then the blog is supposed to go along with my marketing plan (although I do it cuz it's just fun!) so that needs to be worked on everyday, then I like to explore and find new blogs, and visit and comment, and before long, it's like--where did the day (and night) go?!!!

I start doing the 4-hour workday whenever I feel like my internet/work consumption is getting out of hand . As far as the schedule goes, I would adjust it to fit the day--for example, sometimes it would be this:

10am to 12pm--Work
12pm to 1pm--Lunch

Other days it would be 2pm-6pm straight through. I would usually do the straight through thing if I was working at a cafe (for some reason, it's so much easier for me to concentrate when out of my normal environment.)

And yes, I was aiming for 80% efficiency ratio for the 4 hours. Since I've started back up with the 4 hour workday schedule, I've stopped keeping track of the efficiency ratio.

I mean, it's a bit cumbersome to have to clock in and clock out for every activity I do on the internet. (I use a time keeping software to keep track of client time, but if I'm surfing or blogging, then I don't want to have to think about it.) Perhaps when I first started it I was a bit too anal with the documentation .

I work at home for myself, so I probably have a lot more leeway than folks who have jobs in outside offices. But, one thing that definitely helps is drastically restricting your work hours, even if it's more than 4. I've also heard of some people who work 8 hours, then have a computer fast at night. When 5pm comes around, the computer is turned off until the next morning. That's a less severe version of the 4 hour workday.

There's something that clicks in our minds that helps us get more work done in less time if we restrict the time. If I don't give myself a cut-off time on the computer, then I could work on it all day long and not even realize it!

Oh, and that's cool that you've got a coach to help keep you on track with your book deadline and everything else you've got going on--having an outside person keeping us accountable is very motivating.

I must tell you, your blog is so enjoyable; it's like leafing through an imported design magazine. I just love it!

Sharon, you've inspired me to give this notion a try. I've tried a number of things to spend less time in front of this machine but this sounds like something I can actually do.

Always enjoy your blog and you have the most interesting people show up here. I enjoy clicking through to learn more about the folks who leave comments here and have discovered a great community of folks out there.

Woo hoo!

Hi Marty,

Thanks so much! So glad to have you here. Please let me know how it goes! :-)


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