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Hours Tracking (http://hourstracking.com) is another great option. It's fairly simple to use, web-based (so nothing to install) and just $1/month. Thanks for the great post!

We use Time Doctor (http://www.timedoctor.com) as a way to keep track of our productivity. This software is very efficient in monitoring your workers time and output. It also has multiple ways to confirm if the time tracked was real and the time was a genuine working time such as checking websites visited and software applications used on the computer.

Another good time tracking software is Fanurio http://www.fanuriotimetracking.com . Fanurio has a few reminders to help you start, resume or stop the timer. It also has idle time detection and it can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux.

One that I would recommend for it's mobile features (tracking time from your computer or phone) is TSheets Time Tracking App (http://www.tsheets.com)

http://www.timerack.com/ they have the latest and the best time tracking software with advanced features.

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