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Not learning from mistakes is an excellent addition. If you keep making the same mistake over and over again, it is going to be a huge time drain. I think a problem is that some people don't know how to recognize when they are making a mistake unless there are serious consequences.

Hey Mark,

That is very true--I always wonder why some folks make the same mistakes repeatedly, but maybe they're just used to living in a state of emergency and aren't inspired to change until there are serious consequences.

Your paragraph on "Being busy without really accomplishing anything" really spoke to me. Emails and Twitter --- surely they can't be a timesap. They're so innocent and fun. ;-)

Ah, but they are a timesap for me. There is definitely a price we pay for involvement with so many digital connections --- and that price is lost time which could be spent on more valuable, rewarding and meaningful things (most likely NOT online).

Sharon, as always, your post speaks to the subtle-yet-strong undercurrent driving our online-connected lives. :-)

Hey KG,

Awww, thank you :-)

Yes, that one hit home with me too, because I enjoy doing Twitter, and would somehow like to convince myself that it's a good use of time!

sigh, how about total and complete disorganization so that you are constantly shuffling through your things trying to find what you need every day to do your work....sigh again.

Hee hee--Maryam, we should add that one to the list!

Well, what an enlightening post. There are various reasons to the causes of procrastination. http://www.stop-procrastination.org is an informative website which explains to you some of the reasons of procrastination and help you to prevent them. Very useful indeed. You might wanna check it out.

Hi Melly,

Thanks for sharing the resource :-)

I think the ultimate time waisters are combinations of the above, i.e. thinking of unimportant things, while procrastinating by watching TV...lol

I do most time wasters I am afraid to say.
Another time waster for me is not sticking to my own tasks and interfering in someone else's.
The rule here now is, if it isn't your role and you are not asked, stay out of it.

Hey tod,

Hee hee--you're totally right. We can do all of these things at once and waste time quite efficiently! :-)

Hey Wilma,

Oh, that's a good one. Meddling in other folks' task and not doing our own can be a great way of procrastinating. I'm sure more of us do that than we realize!

For me sometimes I realized I have "wasted" my time by trying to obtain too much "useless" knowledge. What I meant by this is reading books/websites to teach me how to do things but I never put them in action.

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