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Hey Sharon, this is a cracker of a post, you are a cracker!
I am afraid that at the moment I would start to think about these things when I probably would be too sick to think about them! Duh...
As I haven't given it much thought I cannot share any strategies yet.
I am not sickly or ill often, and most of my work is not urgent, but you never know and I should give developing some 'sick day systems' some thought.
I must confess that I have another problem too, I am not good with systems and even boycot my own few.
But I am going to share this post with some mates of mine, it is worth thinking about.
Thanks Sharon, Wilma
I think I deserve a visit to your Chocolate Chipped now :)

That emergency post strategy is BRILLIANT. Must do!

Maryam--the "emergency post" thing-y has saved my life many a week when I just didn't feel like writing or was way too busy. If you get the writing bug, it's nice to just pump out some extras, or at least the beginning to some posts. Helps every time! :-)

Richard Branson loves talking about fun and playing because when he does these he often comes up with his best ideas. Playing / having fun / relaxing can produce great rough ideas. And when we go back to the office we work hard at giving definition to these ideas.

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