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I am sure I got more work done when I had two monitors. It is just impossible to do work and keep an eye on Twitter in any other way ;)

Hee hee--Twitter deserves its own monitor does it? :-) I think that's a great productivity tip--have 2 monitors, and put all of your social networking stuff/play stuff on one monitor, and all of your "real work" on the other one.

If only my iMac were not already so huge--I don't think I can fit another monitor on my desk! ;-)

If I could afford it, I would have a wall of monitors! As a photographer, you really can't have too many.

Hee hee--I would love to see that fantasy office! I've seen 3 monitors lined like a panoramic view, but never a whole wall in a home office. Maybe you'll win the lottery some day and you can make that dream come true! :-)

This is a question I was surprised not too many people have raised online. I am on my way to Sears to pick up a nice RCA 40 inch 1080p that I intend on using as my main monitor. I wonder if productivity drops off after the 24" point due to larger monitors mainly being used by gamers?

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