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Very interesting. I've been looking to develope and improve content on my web site in order to leverage the advantages of getting involved with main stream media.
Very educative , I'll actually need to read it over a couple of times.

Hey Del,

I'm glad this was helpful. Yes, there are strategic things you can do to write so that your content is appealing to journalists. The best thing that I can think of is to stay on top of hot news in your niche. I just took a look at your website and it looks like you're in the web/tech/SEO niche (great looking site!). That's great--web/tech is HOT it seems when it comes to news topics.

One thing I've noticed is that all of the times a journalist has contacted me for a story in the web tech industry, it was in regards to a *lifestyle* issue, not actual hard core tech stuff.

Some examples are *working virtually*, participating in *the secular sabbath movement* and the *4 hour workday* thingy that I do.

If you're in the web tech industry and you write about HowTo's, you might consider throwing some lifestyle HowTo's in now and then that deal with life in the tech world. Just a thought...

Hope this helps :)

Great piece, thank you! I read the Boston Globe and realize that I should pay more attention to the blogs of reporters and columnists there as well.

My best.

Hey Kevin,

Thank you :). Yes, Penelope's blog is really great. Every time I go over there I find something good.

Ta ta,

Good advice. It is really amazing how blogs have allowed everyone to publish whatever is on their minds and that makes it a lot easier for journalists to contact people who they would never have found through other channels.

Hey Mark,

Yes, that's so true. Having a blog works great for the blogger, but it also allows the journalist to have a wider pool of people to interview.

Thanks so much for stopping by!:-)

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