How To Market A Book Online: The Series Wrap-Up!

For the last several weeks, we’ve been covering how to market a book online. Here’s what we’ve covered:

How to Market Your Book Online: Your Book’s Website: This post was the reader question that started this whole series.

My first novel is due to come out in the next few months. Rather than looking for a traditional public relations expert, I thought it might be interesting to contact you and brainstorm what ideas you might have to work as a virtual assistant in developing an online marketing campaign to include blogs, articles, newsletters, well as developing relationships with various online media in order to promote the book.

This post covers the first step in marketing a book online: Setting up a website where you can capture email addresses.

Step 2, Setting Up A Blog For Your Book : This post talks about the crucial step of having a blog for your book. The blog helps funnel traffic into the book’s website. It’s also a place where you build a community around your book.

Step 3, Article Marketing : In this post we cover how to do article marketing, why it’s beneficial, and what types of articles you should be writing.

Step 4: Your Newsletter : This post details how having a consistent newsletter can increase sales and build relationships between you and your potential customers.

Step 5: Social Media : No online marketing campaign would be complete without social media. This post gives you a starting point entering the world of social media.

Step 6: The Virtual Book Tour : This post talks about different ways to take your book on a “tour” on the internet.

Now, these marketing techniques that we’ve covered aren’t just for marketing books–they will work if you’re marketing a website, a product, a service, or your business.

None of this stuff is brain surgery. You can probably do it yourself, but the question is–do you have the time and do you have the interest?

If doing online marketing is not your cup of tea or if you would rather spend your time doing other things for your business, you can easily delegate some or all of these tasks to your virtual assistant.